Saturday, September 15, 2007

Facebook anyone?

Holy Cow! I'm so hooked on the new Facebook website. It beats friendster hands down in terms of having proper contacts linked to you. And everyone knows.. ITS NOT WHAT U KNOW, ITS WHO U KNOW!
All friendster does is link up wierdos to me and more people that I seriously cannot be bothered to keep in touch with... Its so teeny boppy! Urgh! If you're on my friendster and reading this... I probably don't mean u because the rest who I can't be bothered with, don't even bother coming here to read anyway.

But facebook... oh! Finally proper people are there! People that I want to know! Professionals. Actual adults. Not horny teenagers or even horny married men... *GO AWAY! URGH! If only I could tell your wives, u would be so dead* But Facebook, its so fun! My profile almost looks like a Mediacorp profile with all my friends, actors, DJs and newscasters.. and most of them, I really know some new people that I feel would be good to know.. and perhaps even be beneficial to my business somehow down the road some day. Finally now. ALL IN ONE DAMNED PLACE.

Thank you facebook! While now I'm happily super poking everyone and sending them fortunes and throwing sheep, I'm still waiting for some reciprocal response from most of them... The reception since I've joined has been good so far. Getting to know new people is always interesting.

In the meantime, whilst I have dropped some kgs... I seem to be plateauing at 90kg. *$#%$^*&%^ (grumble grumble grumble). The only reprieve I have right now is that my pants are ALL loose but it'll still take another 10kg before they finally drop off my body. I'll get there when I get there and I don't intend to be able to fit into my current pair of jeans by next year.

Down 5kg from 95kg two weeks ago.. and a total of 10kg from a 100kg me in February 2007.. *kicking myself for stopping my regime for about 4 months* its been a gradual loss but I've been working out so much recently and doing a serious switch of diet, I'm expecting results! I hate a plateaued weight and would be glad again to see the scales move once more.. wish me luck!

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