Saturday, September 29, 2007

Updates and more..

Update! I've broken 88kg! FINALLY! Phew! I'm finally one more kg down. I'm now 87kg! My body is constantly in some kind of plateau recently.. first one whole week of 90kg and it got me extremely frustrated and then 88kg.. argh! Its been almost a week too! And finally, I stepped on the scale and I finally see 87... phew! ... wow its really difficult!

I'm definitely not weighing myself tonight after all the food that I scoffed down my gullet.. specially prepared carb free food prepared by 2 absolutely lovely ladies and yours truly... There was so much of each food that we started eating at 115 and by 430pm. We were still eating. *albeit a little slowler by the hour lah*

We had whole KONG (container) of grilled chicken wings with an assortment of 6 dipping sauces. (Juliana even labelled them and put them in little containers! So considerate of her! There were mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, horseradish sauce, soya sauce, fish sauce and Thai chili sauce.), agar agar jellies, alot of coke lite, I made kebabs with chipolata sausage, fried fish with lemon juice, chicken cheesy sausage and eggroll with cheese.

To top these all off, we had the most delicious casserole EVER. And who said being on Atkins was a bad thing. It was sooooooooooo GOOD OK!

Cheese lovers would fall in love with her for this dish.

(my artist sketch impression of prawns.. looks almost real, y'think?)

Diana (God bless her) made the most heavenly prawn,tuna, fresh mushroom, cream cheese casserole, topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. It looked absolutely sinful and it tasted almost orgasmic. The prawns she chose were HUGE! Now THAT IS WHAT U CALL PRAWNS okay, not shrimps.. PRAWNS! Are you sure u didn't cook Lobster instead!?.

One cooked piece was already 3/4 palm size (can u imagine when it wasn't cooked! It must have been huge!) and she filled the whole casserole with them. *drooools* To whoever didn't get to taste this today, MISSED OUT MAN! She complimented her cheesy dish with fresh lettuce by the side.. which we all picked out off periodically.

I believe moley will have pictures of the food on her blog. I don't know when she will update it or if she will soon. Just check in there if you wanna check out the food. It was just good. It was only the 4 adults and the 4 kids but it was lovely conversation all around. The company was good.

The kids OBVIOUSLY had fun. They had fruit gummies and want want rice crackers. They had their face painted. They played till our play yard imploded with toys. The bubble machine was on and there were balloons all around. They skipped around and drew pictures with large pieces of paper and crayons.. such simplicity and pure happiness on their part..

I ate till I almost exploded. *if I did explode, I won't be here writing this. It was almost my whole week intake of food in just one day*. Diana may have exploded though. Hahahaha, you may have to go on Atkins with me, moley. At least for this week.

It was a lovely saturday afternoon. I liked it. Alot.

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