Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Would you believe it?

This is me above. Now at 88kg on the 25th of September 2007.
This is me. Around June 2006 at 100kg.

One proof that Atkins works in a month since we started in the beginning of September 07.. with 7kg down only. I've moved a total of 12kg from my whopping 100kg earlier this year during CNY and now I still have 33kg more to go! My face looks smaller too! You think?! Whooooooo.... at 88kg. I'm still a really big lady by all counts but I was sooo much bigger before this! Aiyoooh! Sooo unhealthy!

You would not believe your eyes.... this is me! In my old pants that I wore not long ago! Not long ago meaning only a month ago! It was a fitting outfit and I cannot believe that I was such a whale! Why didn't anyone highlight this to me?

*grumble everyone very polite hor.... grumble*

But anyway.. check it out! 7kg down and me in a whale of a pants!

I'm amazed. *doing a Royal Queen wave* I must thank my Hubby CJ for his support and guidance.. may we reach our goals soon. *Love love* Thank you to my galfriends who are supporting me behind with their cheering too.. I love u all!
More to come as we move along this journey...


Rachel said...

Looking fabulous!! Cheers onward to your goal! :)Already as it is, you are damn gorgeous in your current weight.

honeymeow said...

Why thank you Rachel! Coming from you, that's a wonderful compliment! :) Now if only I can get as groomed as you... you are an inspiration for that...

sesame said...

Wow, that's amazing. Atkins diet was something that Jennifer Aniston was in if I have it correct. More like protein based diet?

My hub went through a dieting, not Atkins, but he slimmed down in a short period of time too.

honeymeow said...

:) Thanks. Yes I believe Jennifer A is on this diet too. And yes, mine is a modified high protein, no (not low) carb diet. We're aiming to lose weight drastically and in a short period of time. I'm too impatient for long term results. I'm only 1/4 way of what I'm aiming for.. so support from all my pals are invaluable! Thanks for your encouragement!