Saturday, September 15, 2007

A flurry of pictures

Its been all talk (yes yes, alot of talk) and no see recently from me so I've decided to add a post of random pictures for entertainment purposes... :) Enjoy!

Would you believe that its really hard to get a nice picture of my hubby together with me with my phone? Over 15 pictures and this is the best we can come up with... *doink!*Oh the eyebags! How sinful... I need sleep! And he looks scary!

Lauren at The Beach Hut for breakfast buffet.
I'm wondering if she rather have boogers or bacon here...
This is what happens when a person like me gets hold of face crayons.. she goes to experiment with her children's perfect skin... Up there is Lauren, and down there is, Eirian. OMG its a ... errr.. errr... fairy? Bug? err... Monster? *note to self, must practice more*


And this is what happens when you put me near on a plate of fruits on the table.. I become one of them.. but somehow.. I don't look very appetising... *gulp*

And this is my baby sister, Alexandra. This picture's dark because we were in a dark place with a my crappy phone camera. My face ain't that huge either as its a matter of perspective! I was nearer to my handheld handphone. She just turned 22 this August.. and my my my, how time flies.. she's a woman already... Apart from being a full time student doing her degree, she's also a spinning instructor at California Fitness.. so if you're in her class, say hi for me!

And this lady over here is my other sister.. my 2nd sister.. the middle child between Alex and me.. she's Jacqueline.. she's a certified pet groomer and a gym freak (u won't believe how many classes and how often she goes to the gym ok ) and currently living in the Philippines with my mom.

And this of course is, Diana or molemole. I've introduced her in one my my previous posts.. working on an event together with the Singapore Police Force. I can't believe how "awake" we both looked at 730am in the morning! I like this picture too! 730am can! I'm usually zombie at that time.

This little handsome boy is my one and only nephew! I'm an Aunty or so he lovingly calls his "Kim Kim"... only he can call me Kim Kim ok! This is Gareth and he just turned 1 years old on the 10th of September! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

These 3 are my in laws.. my sister in law, Serene (Cj's sister)... Mark.. her husband/my brother in law and Gareth.. I love these 3 people.. These 3 with my family and my MIL makes 8 and its a perfect number for our cosy little family. :)

And this.. is my Mother in law! U can call her Cat! Short for Catherine.. (thats Gareth when he was born!) She's a really really nice lady and I love her to bits too! I'm one of the rare ones who actually get along with my mother in law really well.

Lastly.. a picture of a rose that I drew some years back... I have always prided myself that I can draw pictures and still life on sight with relative ease but it mostly photocopies itself in my brain and my hand spits out close to the same image. But free drawing where you ask to "draw me a cat?" and if the cat is not right in front of me at that present moment, you would get a warped image that probably looks more like a hamster than a cat.

I've always liked this drawing and I hope you enjoy it too. :)

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