Sunday, September 09, 2007

Once upon a friendship...

You would think that in a world of billions of people, and in a country of even 4 million people. People of all walks of life streaming all around you that you would have hundreds of friends? I've noticed that anyone I asked had less than a handful of true friends.. and I'm not any different?

Would it mean that I'm not a friendly person that I do not have many friends? Does it mean that people do not like me enough not to WANT to be my friend? Am I just lazy to go out and grow and maintain a friendship with more people? Is it not any priority for me to have people want to be in my life? I don't know.. for those that I have grown to care about.. you know who you are.. I may hear from you daily.. or I may hear from you months or even years at a time.. but you know you have a special place in my heart.. I'm going to talk about 3 very special people and here goes...

There are some people that have grown with me and may not be in Singapore even.. like Phoebe.. I call her Feebs. She lives in Japan now with her diplomat husband. What a lucky duck... I'm so happy for her for finding her happiness. We were in the same primary and secondary school together, once stayed just houses away from each other in our teens. We've cried and laughed together so many times, its uncountable. We shared relationship woes, growing pains and happy times. She is the ONLY primary school friend that I have left and I absolutely still love her to bits even if she's halfway across the globe.. Feebs.. call me when you're back in Singapore next.. we've had alot to catch up on.. :) Love ya..

There are other people who shared a life with me for some time.. people like Preetha... whom I lovingly call Pree.. we worked together when we were still studying at IAS/CMA. We worked there full time doing marketing of the school and their courses all whilst completing our studies. I eventually left them once I completed my triple marketing/advertising/design diplomas and she left them soon after to pursue her passion. Her passion to be a DJ.. it was a hellavalot of procrastinating on her part and it killed me to see her drag her way oh so slowly to something that she so dearly wanted in her life.. It brought me to tears to hear her over the airwaves at her first show recently.

I jumped and I screamed and I was just happy that she did it. It was a great first step to something that we spent hours talking about together..from just a dream to finally being there.. being heard by hundreds of thousands of people... She finally got off her ass and did something to move her nearer to her dream and that. I'm happy. I'm so very happy for her. Do tune in to radio 91.3FM on Saturday nights request shows with Jane Doe ( which is Pree! of course!!! ) and Elliott Danker.. Call in and give your support! Listen live online if you need to. Tune in! This girl is going somewhere and the only way is up!

Another person that has recently made her appearance is a lady named Diana... aka mole mole.. It was uncanny how when we started to talk, it was like we've known eachother for a very long... long.. time.. It was such a hit! She has two very lovely children and is one super chio (good looking) lady.. She's absolutely HOT! If I was a guy, she would totally get my wolf whistle. This is a friendship that I believe can go on for a very long time and hopefully, Quite alot has happened that I've thoroughly enjoyed. We first met when we selected her to go for a spa review together.. she blogged about it here. We later went on doing other stuff together.. my girls absolutely LOVE spending time with her kids. The husbands, Michael and CJ need some time to warm up to each other though.. must be man thing. She joined us as crew at our NSPAM event and our Ratatouille event. Super efficient can!

We both brought the whole family to East Coast to cycle... that was where it brought the whiner out of Lauren! The moment she sat on her chosen bicycle.. Lauren complained about her arms dropping off and no energy level to keep on cycling but she still WANTED to go on.. URGH!

We went to check out The Arena one evening.. she blogged about it here too... We spent time at Kallang MacDonalds celebrating Tristen's birthday. Tristen, her youngest son is now two! And most recently, she got invited to do a dinner review for a new classy eaterie called Eleven and she invited me to go too.. the food was FWAH! not bad... her review can be found here. It was the only time I've broken my diet these couple of weeks *albeit with the help of a couple of carbo blockers* and it wasn't a total smash either.. the food was high in protein and I didnt go for seconds for their oh-so-delicious mash potato... *restraint pam! restraint!* Do patronise this place, esp if you need a classy but cosy, affordable time with a close friend or loved one.

To all the 3 ladies above.. you 3 have a special place in my heart. This blogpost is dedicated to you 3. Please always keep in touch. Life is too short to keep losing friends and you all will always be in my mind. Sure.. I have some that I know that has special significance to me.. people like Sandra who's children are both 2 weeks older than both my own respectively.. people like Chermaine who's daughter Danielle is our God Daughter... (I'm wondering what kind of stupid godparents we are to Danielle. We hardly spend time with her at all! I should be banned from being a god mother to anyone and I still owe her an ice-cream! OMG. Danielle, come out soon! We got ice-cream to go for!)... people like my SIL, Serene (I mean, who can say that they are actually really good friends with YOUR SISTER IN LAW! except a rare few.. and I'm happy to say that I am one of those rare few... ). These 3 amongst other people who care about me too. At least I know.. when I die.. all you guys will cry for me right? The sad thing about losing friends is that you forget all about them and all the time spent together was all like a waste of time. Unless it was such an experience that helped to make you who who are today.. why choose to spend time with someone who you will forget and won't exist for you only years later... I'm getting old. It would be good to be sitting around when I'm 70(if I last that long) and say that our friendship has lasted my lifetime.. :)

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