Sunday, September 09, 2007

From past to present...

I'm such a horrible blogger.. you can't even call me a blogger because I take forever to update my blog! I'm so sorry for those sweethearts who keeps on loggin in my page and still seeing the same ole one day after goes on and it has been going on for a while for me... what? you may ask.. so much and you haven't shared?

Gosh.. if only I can remember to blog that down each time something happens... what have I been up to? Hmn.. let me see...

I've been to see Anthony Robbins! Gosh! He's amazing! He has such immense energy and enthusiasm for life that it's almost overwhelming.. he's as what you would imagine a power life coach would be. All wham bam thank you maam! This is it, it is now kind of person.. Wow, something like that really kicks you right in the ass and says GO! Stop procrastinating and just go.. and I got to share the moment with 5,000 other people... (urgh! the crowd!) haha but with at least 3 other people that I really liked! My gal, Preetha... who btw is now Miss Jane Doe at Radio 91.3FM! Check her out on Saturday evenings on the request show! Whooot! More on that later.. With a most lovely couple, Michelle and Tim... Michelle is one of the sweetest person you can ever know and Tim is just as nice. They have two lovely boys and they're just the cutest!

How the hell did I get tickets to this amazing event? From the most lovely couple, Adele and Joe Augustin! Sounds familiar? Yea, Joe Augustin the DJ... both Adele and Joe are personal friends and mighty nice ones too! They gave me 4 GOLD tickets to this event and each ticket is worth $650 each can! Wah lau eh... where to find leh.. these guys are just precious. :) Thanks you guys! You're the best! You wouldn't believe how wide I was grinning and how lunatic I sounded laughing out of joy when you called me to let me know that you're giving me the tickets! :)

It was a day filled with alot of whoots!, screams, jumping and yelling all to get all the negativity out of my system and did I play it all out.. oh yes I did! Make full use of the experience and let it take over... *"the final countdown song running in my head* whoot! I'm pumped! Go GO Go!

And Go GO Goo I did too.. I'm now back on my regime of exercise and diet and this is a change that I'm now determined to keep! From the last time I was on this cycle, I dropped 5 kg from 100kg.. and yes! That was such an unbelievable size! What a whale!

Its been 2 weeks since I've been on CJ's modified atkins diet and I tell you, its just as unbelievable as he predicted it to be so.. I'm also back at the gym working out at least 3 time a week now and I've seen changes! The scales have moved again! I've started 2 weeks ago at 94kg. I'm not giving exact numbers to how much I've lost so we can surprise *some people who read my blog* with our latest progress the next time we meet! I'll update my numbers once I've met up with *these people* over the course of the next couple of weeks but it looks encouraging!

I've had my girlfriends rooting for me... you gals know who you are... I've had someone dear offer to give me money to lose weight! And why in my right mind would I want to miss this opportunity?!?! being paid to lose weight?? Where to find?!?!

I've had Hayden... a most talented fashion designer still giving me his support to dress me in one of his lovely creations when I've reached my target weight.

I may also have one of Singapore's best slimming & wellness centres offering me a great opportunity to be a before & after model!~ Who this is, I will announce later on when it is confirmed. Apparently, this is still being discussed in a management meeting on what they want to propose to me for this chance. Its still lovely news all the same!

I've had this chance given to me ONCE and I had to reject it at that time. Cenosis called me up some years ago and wanted me to consider being their before/after model but I had to commit 10 weekends, 10 week days and treatments that lasted 3-4 times a week. At that time, I just started a new job and I could not afford the days to do this for them. *kicking them mentally for not offering me this when I was still a SAHM! (means Stay at Home Mom).

And now again! Another offer by a different company to be their before/after model... I was thoroughly amused and I shared this with two of my closest galfriends.. and now everyone is just super excited but we're waiting with our fingers crossed. I hope to recieve news on this soon! Both my gals said GO! Just Go! and I'm thinking.. yea.. I'll just go.. CJ said.. just go! I doubt there will be a 3rd offer for something this good... so when the offer comes in.. I'll just take it.. unless it threatens to go against my moral inclinations, theaten my time and priority for my girls and affects my business. I'm wondering how it will be like, and dreading knowing that being on press ads if they decide to choose me would be like? Would I look good enough? It will invite so much criticism from all walks of life.. would I be recognised when I walk on the street? Will I feel happier being that way than what I am now and how will it change my life? We'll see how it goes with fingers crossed that things turn out well.

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