Monday, October 01, 2007

Atkins Food to drool over..

And who said going on Atkins is difficult? Not when you have food like this! We ate till we almost exploded and the next day I weighed in my base weight and I'm still 87kg! So good okay!

Now grab a pail and drool... and u're welcome to start licking ur screen.. I might just do that.. hahaha.

Moley's Cheesy Prawn Mushroom Tuna Casserole. *its just so good*

My chipolata, cheesy egg roll, lemon fish and cheesy hotdog kebab.

Agar Agar in various cute shapes!

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Wings!

Not a wide spread but OH SOOOO GOOD! And this is just the first! The next Atkins inspired potluck at my studio is on the 21st! Don't miss it! For those who are interested, I've invited you on facebook or at M4M or on msn. You can leave a comment if you're interested!

Another Atkins inspired Potluck & Clothes Swap Party coming up on the 21st of October 2007.

Try to come and RSVP by comment so that we can do a head count! Limited to 15 people only.

Please feel free to bring your kids. Prefereably without hubbies as it can get quite girly.

Prefereably for those keen on going on Atkins, or want to start. This would be a good starting point. Potluck food must be carb free and enough for 15 adults.

Clothes & accessories must be in acceptable condition for the swap. Time to clear out your cupboard for those pieces that you never wore, seldom wear or just can't fit into and bring them to the party! Adult clothes & accessories only please. No Kids clothes swap.

See you on the 21st! *running home to rummage in my clothes cupboard... *

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