Monday, October 15, 2007

Nomin Seafood Steamboat

With recommendation from my favourite galpal, Diana who went on TV earlier this month on Ch. 8, on that food show with Bryan Wong. We made plans to head down to Nomin Seafood to check out the "famous" seafood steamboat.

Being on Atkins, a seafood steamboat is just perfect! Without the rice of course! I've taken some pictures off moley's blog to feature here... (moley.. u dun mind right?.. right?)..

Where to find this place:
Nomin Seafood
31/33 Teck Chye Terrace
For Reservations (Highly Recommended) = 6286 3291.

(Occupying a couple of the shophouses along Teck Chye Terrace,Opposite Paya Lebar Methodist Church,beneath the Upper Paya Lebar Flyover, Off Upper Serangoon Road, 5-10 mins from Serangoon MRT exit B/C)

We had the Seafood Herbal Wine Steamboat which costs $30 (enough for 2 people). When we arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that everything was layed out nicely in a platter. I was a little disappointed at the portions though.. I can definitely eat more than that. But still, I'm on a diet and it was still good.

We (when I say we, meaning CJ and Eirian came too) didn't realise that it was going to be so intoxicating.. When they say Herbal wine, they really mean WINE. The soup stock had a base of 6 types of wine! You couldn't tell that they had so many inside but it tasted good!

At first taste, CJ *the connoisseur of good chinese food* went OOOHH! gOOOD SOUP!... I tasted some too.. not bad!.. so we continued eating and dunking the seafood pieces into the soup to boil up. There were Prawns *which Diana says that when they did the review on TV, they were huge THEN... this one we had were SMALL!!.. how can!!! haha*, a Small Crab *fresh!!*, Straw Golden Mushrooms *something I know my SIL loves*,Fresh Scallops, Fish slices, Frog legs *eww.. I dun like. I like froggies! How to eat them!!*, Sea Cucumber, Slices of Squid and 6 Balls balls of something.. mushroom ball maybe? all which lay on a bed of vegetables.
To order additional ingredients, it costs an additional $18 for another platter.. *I might consider this if I'm really hungry* The soup however is free flow and can be refillled upon request.

Before long.. we looked up from our meal and stared across the table at Diana and Michael (her lao gong) and exclaimed "ehh!! ur faces r damn red loor!! FLUSHED!" only to have them say "urs too lah!!".

Straight away, we denied it just thinking that it was because the place wasn't airconditioned and we were just feeling warm. We whipped out our cameras and promptly took our own pictures and voila! Flushed and Blushed.. compliments of the Seafood Wine Soup! *see first picture* Wah lau... but it was so good.. everything was eaten and all the soup all the way down to the base of the crockpot was drunk.

Definitely must give this place a try again.. and must bring my MIL to try too... they have a "special lime juice" there that I'm thinking that my MIL will absolutely LOVE.

There's not only steamboat there.. even normal cooked food aka Zhi Char style can be found there and they also look very good and reasonably priced lor! *just that I can't eat them now...*

And of course, whats an outing with Shervon without Eirian. These two are even wearing the same coloured shirt and always look foward to meeting each other to play. Eirian loves the fact that she's the big sister for once and that she has a friend in Shervon. They both obediently wallopped down their fried rice and immediately started jabbering with each other with their kiddy language... :)
General review for this place: Good. Must go back and try again one day soon.


earthember said...

Hi Pam, thanks for dropping a note on my blog. Yes, I know what you mean about "lurking", been guilty of it too. :) I've blogroll you too.

Now, I'm craving for steamboat. Haven't had it for years. LOL on the size of prawn (for TV shows versus reality).

Irene said...

Hi Pam.

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog. :) Loved the fact that you introduced yourself.

Good luck with the weight loss. You look fantastic!