Sunday, October 07, 2007

I have another child.

No. I'm not pregnant.

But I realise that I have another child. No. Its not Lauren Sim. Its not Eirian Sim.

Her name is NOTME Sim. It must be my 3rd child because she is always around when I get worked up. I take it that its probably a girl because my girls play very girly games like masak masak (cooking) and dolls and dress up alot and they play really messy!

This little girl, NOTME is quite a pitiful one. Everytime I come roaring into the room where I see milo spilled into the toy box and say "who did this!" - Both my girls will turn on an innocent face and retort "NOT ME!".

I walk into a play area and see tiny bits of shredded paper like snow and I realise that they shredded some important office documents and I roar: "Who did this! Better own up! NOOOW!"

And as expected, my 3rd little one gets it again. Both Lauren and Eirian shouts "Not Me!"

I will look around with my pulse throbbing at my neck and my face turning red with fury.
Notme! Notme again!

I walk around the room looking under pillows to "search" for this child named Notme and count down from 10.

When I reach Zero, I expect that someone owns up to the offense that I found or BOTH gets it from me. "Gets it" ranges from the simple smack to serious disciplining depending on the offense.

Perhaps one day I'll find my 3rd child, Notme. Esp since my girls have been so confidently giving the blame to her.

Is Notme in your house?

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sesame said...

This is funny. I don't have Notme in my house. The blames are effectively pushed to the maid or the dad.