Sunday, October 14, 2007

I love the little bits of good news...

Albeit Sunday saw some bits of ups and downs. Downs where I TOTALLY SMASHED and lost miserably at our usual Family weekend Mahjong session.. left oni $2 in coins leh from $40!!

Wah lau eh! I didn't even win a single game can. *grumble* I'm not such a bad player ok hahah I just learnt how to play this year only too.. not bad liao lah..

Downs where I ate too much.. I get grumpy now when I eat too much bc it becomes extra to work off during my diet. I'm currently in a state that I'm just happy that I've lost 11kg. Hubby lost 18kg already.. How different I would look with another 7kg more at 18kg down.. well we'll see how it goes on. I'm still envious.. kua kua kua.

Downs where I feel my tummy still feeling amazingly spongey and squishy.. NOT that I ever had a hard firm tummy but its hard to be on this diet and still have a tummy that feels like jello.

Good news came in the form of 2 emails. Firstly, I finally have my first Nuffnang Ad (look up!! look up!!) and its from NIKE! Fwah!!! Hey people.. support support leh.. Click on the banner when it finally appears. It's only on for a week from 27th Oct - 3rd Nov 07. haha I need the money to buy food and new pants. Protein Food is really expensive compared to carbs filled ones.. ie just chicken costs alot more than buying chicken rice. And my pants don't fit well anymore.. -.-''

Another email came in the form of a progress update from the marketing manager of that wellness/slimming centre that has proposed to perform a "before/after" transformation on me. YYYAAAAYYYY!!!! I'm that much closer to them confirming this deal.

I know I've released this info to only a handful of my close friends but I'm just so excited! Help me keep your fingers crossed~!

As you've noticed, I haven't named which one it is and once its confirmed, IF they confirm it. I will surely link them up here on my blog. A couple of days ago, she called to ask if I can commit a 5 day a week treatment for 3 months straight, 2 photoshoots and a TV appearance.

Of course I said Yes! Like I mentioned, this is a once in a lifetime chance and this is the 2nd time this was offered to me. The last time was with Cenosis, I can name this centre now because I already had to reject it then due to work commitments some years back. This time, hubby had given me his blessings to hold the fort at the studio whilst I'm off for my treatments at this other place... *love love*

Another one of my galfriends offered to pass me a couple of her Kitz leaf Humidifiers plus 8 bottles of room esssence for a very minimal token sum. Wahhhh!! Good news leh those room essences are damn ex.. I love those leafy room deodorizers.. they make each room smell SOOO good. And knowing the very "yau gui" (hungry ghost = greedy) me, I'd like to snap up her offer up soon as soon as hubby agrees. Thank you Janet!!! *muaks*

Another week to come soon, I hope business picks up soon.. anyone need creative services for design & print? Event management? Gifting? We do that you know! If you know anyone who might need these services.. call me!!

Also, my GRO shoes need more exclusive distributors, so if you're a stay at home mom, or even a working mom and keen on a sideline. Drop me a note with your email address and I'll send you details. Rest assured that our incentive can be quite attractive in the long run.

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