Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogskins & Facebook again...

I've been reading alot of new blogs recently and I've noticed that many of them have a really pretty blogskin and I come to mine and I see it and go URGH! boring.. Half considering approaching CJ who is the technical brain on our side to help me find a new one crossed my mind. But I know I'd just be waived away with a glance of an evil eye and a swish of his hand whilst giving me the "u're asking me to waste my time doing what??!" sigh.

Anyone want to create a new blogskin for me? This one just makes me want to rant more and the standard ones on blogger is just so not me. Anyone?

Whilst I am sometimes the graphic designer by trade, thats only using photoshop and freehand for me. Somehow... webpages still escape me and worst still... blogskins?

On another note, Facebook is becoming quite boring after a while. I've added here n there, gave some gifts, re-acquainted myself with really old american school friends from decades ago (just some of the benefits of a widely popular social networking online program)... changed my mood, beautified my page and updated its little bits from time to time.

For some reason, the "social networking" just gets boring after people stop talking to you there. I've seen a couple of galfriends even delete their account on the basis that it seems that in Facebook, somehow 6 degrees of separation doesn't apply. It almost becomes 2-3 degrees apart. How scary to note that the world is now one global village with no boundaries with the internet. For me.. I'm fine.. I'm always amazed at how a program like that can attract so many people and link me randomly to someone I actually know. *Most of them though, who don't really recognise me so I have alot of email asking, Pam! Is that you?* I'm pretty sure that I don't look THAT different or maybe everyone was expecting a really FAT me?

I guess all that hype over facebook is pretty much fizzling out for me unless my contacts decide to revive the place up with some ACTUAL communication. Even a note in my inbox is nice.. I look forward to that ALOT more than checking my profile.

It also annoys me that I've had people add me to their list just to FILL up their profile and never made the attempt to introduce themselves or even get to know a little more about me than wat was written on profile. I'm not on facebook to be a groupie where I turn to my left and go "oh! do I know you?". I want to know each and everyone on my facebook personally and not have them there JUST so that we are part of a group group thing..

Just like actual friends. I'm happy with less than a handful of really good friends that care about me. People who like me for who I am and care about me more than 75% of the time when they think about me. People who are genuinely interested in what happens to me and perhaps join me in facebook to interact on a fun level. I don't need tens or even hundreds of friends to feel accepted and loved, just the few special ones.

I hate getting bitten by Vampires.. I never added this function..and I hate throwing hot potatoes.. so if you have me on your profile. STOP IT.
Send me anything but these 2 because they go almost immediately into my IGNORE list. Í don't have the time to sit there and help you convert ur vampiric persona to become more dead. *rolls eyes*

I like actual communication where I meet up with actual people and just talk about anything we can think about. Where we can spend hours just whining, laughing, emphathising or just talking rubbish. Where I actually give and recieve ACTUAL gifts that I can touch, hold and smell or even eat. (Don't try to attempt to send me a carb laden food gift now, I'll hate u hahaha).

I think Facebook is still a nice place.. I was just hoping that it would have been interesting enough to keep me interested for a longer period of time.. I'll give it a little longer before I give it a boot.


earthember said...

My sentiments on the Vampire app and other horror ones. Don't like the idea of being eaten or chewed... :)

Re: communication, sometimes you have to make the first move in order for someone else to reciprocate. But that said, I've sent messages where I don't get any reply... but yet are friends. Well, okay, perhaps, they are shy.... :)

Dutchess said...

Hi Pam!

I thought I'd unlurk myself after following your blog for a while now. :P

I'm one of those who's closed my Facebook accounts for exactly the same reasons you mentioned. I too prefer to meet people in person.

Btws, if you want to update your blog skin, how about trying this site?

It's free to download. The only hitch is you have to tweak it to your preference which may take awhile if you're not HTML savvy. Like me. It took me a whole week, day and night. I kind of taught myself how to do it (by studying the various blogskin codes) and created my blogskins from scratch.

Btws, I always enjoying reading you. Keep it up! And no, I don't just mean the Atkins. *wink* You're doing great there too!

honeymeow said...

Hello Hello Joyce! I'm so very pleased to know that you actually read my ramblings!

I'm so very impressed with you and so in awe with the life you are leading over there in the N'lands.

Robin and ur hubby are so precious and yours life and your experiences shared are such a gem.

Such a different kind of life to what I'd ever know and maybe that's why I find it intruiging. :)