Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh No! Mistake!

While I was happily gobbling down little teddy bear shaped jellies... I referred to my Carb counter and saw that GELATIN has NO carbs... so I was happy.

Only to realise this evening, when the craving struck me to want to make more jelly that the Agar Agar Jelly that I was scoffing has 9.7gms of carb per 12gm serving and THAT didn't include the sugar that was added to the making of the jellies. *dropping the pack and standing there stunned*


*faint* I'm so disappointed that I won't be able to take Jellies anymore. I thought I finally found a treat that I could take more regularly.. it turns out that its another no no for me.. I'm sad! I loooove Jellies!! *sobs*

No Jeh lee... Jeeehh Leee..... *note to self: must be disciplined.*

*Pam whispering to the jelly packs: "I'll see you in December."

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