Friday, October 05, 2007

Lizard Love

I totally love good advertising and I love it even more when it contains animals! Coming from an advertising background and of course working in places like the Institute of Advertising, Singapore some years back. I encountered many an amusing ad throughout the course of being in this line. I specially like ads from India and Thailand. They're in their foreign language but somehow the storyline always seems to get through and I still get it! Its hilarious.

This particular one is about some plywood ceiling. Its so dramatic but I thought it was amusing enough for me to go "aWWWWW!!!".

For this ad, I liked it particularly not because some people call it lame but because it has lizards. Lizards are my friends. Hahahhah! I know some people are either rolling their eyes or just going EWWW!!

But its true! I don't handle them of course but my home has a couple of them in different parts of my home. I don't mind them around and sometimes I even talk to them. Especially if they're in the kitchen when I'm there. There are 2 that keep me company when I wash dishes.

For some reason, those few are not afraid of me and even stay still and stare at me with their beady eyes like as if they understand what I'm saying. *yea, its all in my imagination but I like to think they do understand me sometimes*

I talk to them about anything that comes to mind, sometimes asking them how they were and warning them that if my MIL or CJ finds them, they're totally dead. I've had a squeaky response to some of my questions that I find thoroughly amusing!

Unfortunately for at least 5 of these lizards, my MIL found a new lizard trap where they get attracted by a sweet pill and inevitably get stuck on this sticky paper on the way there or whilst trying to escape. She caught at least 5 of them and I would wail in the morning and go "oh no! My friends!" and she will let out an evil laugh...
"bwhahahahahaha" and chuck the lizard traps down the chute.
*pam wails - NOOOOOOOOOOO*

Anyway, I believe my kitchen pals are now in Lizard heaven. Esp. the one with the 1/2 broken tail. One of them was called Lish and the other was Shard. They're both gone, I guess they were dumb enough to get caught.

I saw another lizard and my MIL saw it too.. I guess that one's gonna get caught soon too.. sigh.. Run Lizzies! Ruuunn!! My MIL's gonna catch u!

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