Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally 84kg!

Its been days to finally break out of this plateau! 12 days to be more exact. Wow! Sooo long!
Finally did my run again today and weighed in at 84kg.. I hope this is another break and it will continue to drop more till my next plateau and I hope that doesn't come soon! It has been pretty frustrating!

On another note, my pants are finally lose enough not to unbutton when I need to pull them off and thats a GOOD SIGN! Soon, I'll either have to buy suspenders to wear them or I'll have to donate it to someone who wears a size 16-18. Anyone? They're well loved jeans... :)

More updates soon! And Hubby decided to check out my blog finally one day when I was out and he complained that I have alot to complain about! Wah!! Isn't that what this blog is for? To keep me sane lah! ...... kua kua kua...

Hari Raya Weekend coming up! Selamat Hari Raya to any of my readers who is celebrating! Bless u! *hugs*

Point to note: I've noticed an increased in readership on my blog lately, most of you I noticed don't leave me a comment or note in the chatbox to let me know who you are! I would really like to know.. so lurkers.. come out and say hi... :) And welcome to my world.

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