Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Atkins Update!

I haven't been taking picture updates of myself recently so instead, I'll amuse you with a picture of my baby girl, Eirian which I took on Saturday evening when we were out for our estate's Hari Raya/Deepavali Get-together Concert.

For the record, I constantly put in my weight loss updates to keep track of my progress. I'm another 2kg down to 82kg. *see my Eirian giving me the 2 finger action*

Thats a total of 13kg so far... phew! Now... another 27kg to go.. *alot of Jeans getting relegated to the gifting bag and out of my cupboard.. anyone size 18 needs some comfy pairs of jeans?*

Somehow 27kg doesn't seem so daunting as my original aim of 40kg when I was much bigger some 7+ weeks ago..

Now just... to go on till I reach 55kg..We can do it! Right Lao Gong? hehehe *muaks* ...

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