Thursday, October 04, 2007

What do Flies like?

My impression of a Termite Queen... part of my sketch collection

I'm highly amused at the discussions Eirian has with me each morning.. the other day, she asked me "mommy, do Ants have mommies?" in all certainty so *baffled n stunned me* went on to tell her about how each ant colony has a Queen Ant with big wings and that is their mommy ant. She's pampered and all the little worker ants make her feel comfortable and feed her to make her feel happy and she makes more little ant babies.

She was satisfied with that answer and skipped happily to school.

This morning, she asked me... "What do Flies like?" And as usual, the stunned me went... huh?"

"Plants? or Fruits? What do you think? What do u think they like?"

Eirian goes "meat?"

I say "yep! they like meat too! Food!"

Eirian then goes "children meat or mommy meat?"

Pam : ...... *brain feeling a little hot wired and not connecting*

Then I go "whats children meat or mommy meat? Which one is better and whats the difference?" (already highly amused)

Eirian says "I think mommy meat, mommy meat tastes better."

Then she skips off into the childcare centre while I stood there.. stunned & puzzled again. Wondering why she keeps on asking about bugs and what this fascination is all about! I hope she doesn't start liking them anytime soon because I can't take bugs.

But.... Mommy Meat? ......''-.-


sesame said...

Mommy meat? As in your skin then?

You sketch really well. Very impressive. I'm keen in drawing but haven't picked up my pencil for a long while now.

honeymeow said...

Thanks! I still don't get it about the mommy meat thing.. doesn't matter. hahhha I'll leave it as something that just puzzles me.